Warrior Dash 2012

Warrior Dash 2012 1:30 p.m. Starting Lineup

And now for something completely different.
Tim, Trin & Jay
Still going strong 10 yards in.
Sending a humungous happy birthday to my little brother Jason! Incredibly, his dear friends Tim & Trinity convinced him to spend his 38th  21st perspiring and making contact with dirt – two things I’ve not seen him do since approximately preschool. The Threesome raised money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and ran as St. Jude Warriors in the 2012 Warrior Dash in Windam, NY. What is a Warrior Dash you ask? Oh, just a 3.2 mile hobbyjogger mud run, with 9 diabolical obstacles standing between racers and a finish-line brewsky. This year’s run was performed in pouring rain slash baking sun alternatively so it was Even. More. Awesome [for the runners].
The Birthday Boy Before and After.
Diabolical Obstacles.

As fun as it is to witness the main event, for a Looky Lou like moi Warrior Dash crowds are a people-watchers paradise. I saw Jesus give a piggyback ride to a banana, a gaggle of mohawked Scotts hacky-sacking with a clown, and – most importantly – I found Waldo. Just after a torrential downpour I watched a faux-buff boyfriend futilely seek dry ground as his bronzed beloved whined in a jersey accent, “Danny, I said I do not want to get my feet muddy!” Oh Danny. Mud is just one of many problems Miss Maintenance demands you solve in life, isn’t it?

The rain could not dampen the crowd’s finish-line enthusiasm. We cheered for them all: wedding parties and confederate army soldiers; mud-caked hula girls and cat-whiskered super buffs in speedos.  As for our own Beer-socked Trio: they finished in 1,173 place with a time of 1:48:11 while appearing jaunty and fabulous as anyone who knows them might expect. They celebrated warrior-style with lousy beer and turkey legs. Perfection.

So Happy Birthday to You, Jay, and many, many more (*jazz hands*)!

(above) Runners donate their
shoes to charity

Warriors at the Finish Line
Happy Dance
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