Unicorn Smile

‘Transformation.’ Posted by permission from The Girl herself.

Photographs of the Girl with a natural smile are as rare as unicorns. At 15 her smiles come in two varieties: Facebook Saucy and The Bored Mona Lisa Smirk.
Neither variety comes with a teeth option.
We traveled north a bit ago and the clouds were stunning — the kind of clouds that make you wonder if you’re about to be transported by vortex to the Land of Oz. The only thing to do with clouds such as this is get out in the thick of it so we pulled over and traipsed onto somebody’s field to capture pics of Girl & Sky.
She assumed the Bored Smirk and I figured that was that when all at once something miraculous happened: on the road behind us a black pickup truck screatched to a hault whereupon the driver rolled down his window and let out an unnecessarily protracted fox call in appreciation of this Tall Blond he’d happened upon.

Ah, My Girl’s marvelous transformation, that gazelle both graceful and awkward. In an instant she blossomed; cheeks tinged pink; shoulders back; a certain swivel in her hip. My word.

And the Universe saw fit to put me there – finger on shutter – to capture a rare unicorn smile (teeth included).

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