The Worldly Ways of Backyard Hens

The Great Divide.

Saving the world from an Internet sorely deficient in cute-baby-animal videos, I offer the following 52 seconds of baby chick adorableness for Earth’s viewing pleasure.
On Saturday all indicators pointed toward lovely weather so we sectioned off an area adjacent the hen yard to let the silkies out for a first fresh air excursion. Initially they sat in an astonished heap as our fat hens patrolled the dividing fence. But grass seed is considerably tastier than chick chow and in short order they forgot the seething flock and went about a chicken’s business of scratching and pecking.
Three’s company. 
Death stare to no avail.
As for the Ladies, well, you cannot imagine the irreparable disruption we caused to their strict dust bath and compost-picking regime. They gathered at the fence in disgust – what could these awful things be? A threat? Mobile ottoman? Flavorful afternoon refresh-ments? As far as Chuck Norris was concerned (you may hold The Girl accountable – as do we – for the names of our chickens) – a former flock queen dethroned in late adolescence after her comb was disfigured in a failed yard-break attempt – the whole thing was scandalous. She leveled baby Lavender a one-eyed stare designed to reduce the child to ruin, but our little chicklet wobbled up to the fence and gazed right back, oblivious.
Chunky, the current reigning queen (of Halloween fame), took a slyer approach. She called a conference at the far end of the yard were conspiratorial glances were cast over shoulder and mean words mumbled under breath. After that the hens ignored the babies altogether as popular girls often do, but it suited the rest of us just fine. The little ones were left to explore in peace, glancing over only occasionally to mimic the worldly ways of backyard hens.

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