Lost & Fondue

Fresh fondue accoutrements at Lost & Fondue

I’ve been waiting for the grand opening. Patiently [well, sort of] just as the sign on the door entreated. This audacious endeavor of teahouse slash bistro meets vintage antique shop wherein nearly everything is simultaneously in use and for sale, how dare they. An intriguing idea and one just crazy enough to work. But the waiting…

Then, a stir in the Twittersphere: on July 4 @smallpotatos42 began posting pictures. Jazzy menu fare. I did a drive-by and a new sign on the door confirmed it: Lost & Fonduewas open for business.

If success of a business is measured by location then Lost & Fondue may look forward to a long and prosperous life. You will find this tiny eatery/antiquery in the Village of Skaneateles at the end of the garden path directly across the street from the public parking lot. Just follow the compass rose.

Inside I was greeted by a friendly fondouette who, upon learning this visit was my first, took me through the tea menu and the specials board and invited me to choose a table. French accordion played. The dining area was small but romantic; a blend of old world and vintage arranged for intimate conversations over shared plates. I felt conspicuous dining alone.

Lost & Fondue, 33 Jordan Street, Skaneateles NY

Tea was delivered. I ordered cheese fondue – of course, that’s what I came for – but I confess to a lustful appraisal of the menu with its titillating gourmet comfort soups and speciality sandwiches, and to gawking enviously when brie with tea poached chicken and pear piled on thick-cut bread was placed before the girl at the corner table. Next time. Abigail and Jonathan delivered the fondue; they described the process of combining local and traditional cheeses to achieve the desired consistency and flavor. Wake Robin Farm’s Caerffili was represented I was pleased to learn. Two plates of fresh neighborhood accouterments were placed beside the cheese pot. I dipped; took a nibble. Sharp, creamy. Deliciousness that clearly typifies this duo’s passion for detail. 

I could not tweet my happiness fast enough.

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  • Reply Anonymous July 8, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    Wow, Rant Girl, this sound like a happening place and you sound like a happening chick. Maybe we can meet up there in the next week or so you can enjoy good conversation while dining. Great pics and great writing style:)

    Sue B

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