Did you know rock stacking is a thing?

First Schutt rock stack, 2012
Sunday Hike, Part 1
The Husband and I set out this morning for a long explore through the Favorite Secret Spot (it must remain so because of the morels) whereupon we discovered a rock with a hole bore clear through and immediately resolved to stack it.
Rock stackers are kindred spirits with geocachers and graffiti artists (minus the satellites and vandalism) in that one leaves behind an offering for Unknown Others to discover. The goal is to provoke wonder, or at least primal curiosity, in the unwitting audience. Practitioners might describe rock stacking as a hobby, an art form, meditation, or a devotional — I agree with all of these philosophies. In my view properly-stacked rocks are a riveting encounter and a gratifying exercise in patience and concentration.

Provided you lift with the legs and not the back.

Photo by Dennis Bryan
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