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March 2015

“Avid Gardner”

Ever notice how squirrels stash away nuts in the fall in underground emergency stockpiles? Yeah, I get that sentiment. Every spring. I morph into an avid gardner right around the first of February when snow-fatigue sets in.

Which is why my seed mail orders are arriving this week. Each delivery is like a little party to celebrate spring. A surprise party, as I can never remember exactly what I ordered weeks ago. I’m super into heirloom varieties, apparently. Tomatoes in particular – it appears I love me some tomato seeds.

I oggle over each packet then place it in the box with my other seeds. The ones I got in the mail last year. As well as the year before. Plus the year before that. I have the spirit of a farmer except farmer’s seeds actually make it into the ground. This is not a problem as far as I’m concerned. In a zombie apocalypse I got this thing covered.

Thank goodness for our local farmers who get those seeds in the ground every spring:

Veggie Math

April is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: Time to sign up for your local CSA!