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March 2013

Little Seed

Imagine my joy when our seed orders arrived in this morning’s mail. To set the mood Mother Nature, coy thing, saw fit to rain. Ok fine: rain on the feather-edge, at times more ice than drops and frequently interspersed with fat snowflakes but rain nonetheless and by dinner the deck was completely bare and we seized a rare opportunity to grill, why not, and savor an unmistakable flavor of summer. Cheers to the last day of February.

Seeds. Is there any other thing more magic in all our world? Toss a bit of dirt over them and in a few turns of the sun they burst forth, able to feed our body and our soul. Is there satisfaction more sublime than food grown in one’s own garden, tended to day after day and ripened by the sun? As I spread the packets across the table I wondered how many canning jars, dinners, platefuls, mouthfuls these seeds represented. How much togetherness? How many kitchen hours spent chattering on and on about our day, laughing, chasing the dog out from underfoot, tossing her clandestine morsels, sampling our own concoctions, coming together tableside to savor our company and the meal we prepared together?

Such an astounding return on investment, seeds.