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January 2013

January 1st Thanksgiving

January 1st. I dearly love the first day of a new year. Before us shines self-fulfilling prophecies, the link between Belief and Behavior so clear on this day that it blazes like the sun and beckons for us to follow.
Thank you, October Rose Farm,
for all the sage advice.
More importantly, hardly any of us have had time or opportunity to really screw the year up yet. It really is a very good feeling.
New Years is my Thanksgiving and on this day I give thanks for the good people and things that 2012 brought into my life:
I am so thankful for my husband, daughter and brothers who are also friends and for friends who have become like family.
Thank you, Elderberry
Pond Farm, for the
gardening tips.
I am thankful for the people who grew or produced the food that nourished us so deliciously this year, and for the friendships we have forged with each of them. 
I am grateful that we live in a place where fresh local food is abundant. I am thankful for the little seeds of change that are slowly shifting our thinking about food. And I am thankful for a husband who loves to cook, the obvious disadvantages of this fact notwithstanding.
My NB 510’s: a.k.a. life changers.
For which I am so thankful.
I must also give thanks to the New Balance 510 cross trainer running shoes I bought in August at the Bass Pro Shop for undoing 10 years of burning Achilles pain caused by a pair of badly fitting pink sneakers I bought off the internet a decade ago. To be free of foot pain after so many years is life altering, and certainly one of this year’s highlights. Yes, I bought a second pair of the NB 510’s to replace this pair when it wears out.
Thank you, Wake Robin Farm, for 
putting family and community first.
Thank you, Owen Orchard, for
growing our favorite apples.
And I am thankful for the restless internal voice that keeps reminding me I’m not there yet; urges me to keep going; helps me visualize the link between belief and behavior when it doesn’t seem nearly as real nor blaze quite as brightly as it does on the first day of a new year.
Thank you, vendors at the 2012
Skaneateles Farmers Market. 
So onward and upward. Vacation is over and the grind is at hand. What better way to get through the awfulness of a New York winter than by preparing for its inevitable concession to Spring? Did you know we northerners have just six weeks before our garden seeds must be started indoors? There are many choices to be made between then and now!
Thank you, Good Karma Garlic,  for
turning your hobby into a product
we cannot live without.
I spent the last two days of 2012 plotting and scheming our 2013 Heirloom garden. And I have plans, people, big ones. It is time to find out if we can actually grow stuff in the back yard.
Thank you, Byrne Black Angus Farm,
for raising happy cows.
Of course there is always the possibility that we will look back on these ambitions in September over a glass of wine and guffaw. But just in case, a quick, final note to The Husband concerning our new garden: you know the bench in the corner of the yard that’s all set in cement? We’ll need to yank that out.
Quite possibly the maple tree, too.

My Diabolical 2013 Heirloom Gardening Plans.