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October 2012

Good Karma Garlic

Good Karma Garlic

On October 11th The Husband and I made our final journey to the Skaneateles Farmer’s Market, lamenting the insufferable shortness of Upstate New York’s growing season. What a delicious summer we had! And what passionate and inspiring people we met. And yet, here we were, at the end.
Since practically everything The Husband and I cook contains garlic (for which we are staunchly unapologetic), and since the folks at Good Karma Garlic grow the very best in our region, we bee-lined to their table to stock up.
“You should come out to the house and see what we’ve been up to,” Marty said with a twinkle in his eye. “We’re experimenting with ways to extend the growing season.”
Extend the growing season? Experiments? Yes, Marty, we will come.
Just four years ago, inspired by Chester Aaron’s book Garlic is Life, Good Karma Garlic’s Barb and Marty purchased and planted a variety pack of garlic bulbs. Just for fun.  They planted a second crop from the resulting bounty. Then a third. Four short years later their gardening hobby has blossomed into a fresh-food family farmette of garlic, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce greens, beans, melons and much more from which The Husband and I – and many fortunate others in our area – happily feast.
And now there’s a hoop house.
“We want to see if we can grow our food through late fall and be the first to market in the spring,” Marty said. Inside the warmth of the hoop house we found growing newly-planted rows of peas, carrots, salad greens and beets.  We mentioned to Marty how happy all this made us considering The Husband and my plans to take up canning and food preservation to carry us through the winter never actually materialized, and he immediately shared with us his tried-and-true tips for canning. Once again proving food is in his soul.
Now that their property is transforming into large garden patches, and Good Karma Garlic’s reputation for providing real food to the region is spreading, Marty and Barb have new plans for next season: they hope to start a long season, short season, and working share CSA. “We love growing things; it’s weeding we don’t really care for,” Marty confessed. Many hands make light work, and many folks eager to reap the benefits of locally-grown food will likely keep the gardens of Good Karma Garlic beautifully weed-free.
Garlic husks.
Thousands planted;
thousands more to go.
Because we can all use a little good karma in our lives.

To learn more about Good Karma Garlic’s 2013 CSA plans and farmer’s market schedule, contact them on Facebook.

Garlic & olive oil @ 400 degrees
 for 45 minutes.
Spread on toast.

Pumpkin Picking

Dr. Who’s Tardis and Crazy Face.

Heading to the Pumpkin Patch at Owen Orchards.

Every few years the stars align and The Household simultaneously feels moved by the Holiday Spirit. This season appears to be one of those lucky ones: we’re all in it together.
So when pumpkin carving commenced and The Husband suggested someone put on music and The Girl leaped to her feet and said, “I got this!” we smiled. And sang along with System Of A Down and carved our pumpkins. Because, why not, we were doing it together.
Perfunctory Foursquare check-in.
This year’s “The Big One.”

October 2012
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