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October 2011

A Sunday Family Outing.

When the girl announces her plan to schlep through the woods in 45 degree weather wearing only a nightgown covered in fake blood and oh, by the way, can she pretty-please borrow a deadly kitchen knife, well, it might be time to pull on the muck boots and gear up. 
Her photography assignment this week in honor of Halloween was to create images that are “creepy and scary.” The kid had in mind some very specific notions pertaining to decapitation (also known as a soccer ball in a pillow case) and standard fare psychopathy. For two hours her dad and I happily lugged her photo equipment through wood and field while she bossed us around with impunity. Tigger, that stupid dog, was a huge help ruining shots in her unfettered glee over being part of a grand family outing. Even Chunky the Chicken got in on the act for which she was paid handsomely with a bowl of kale and an apple. The whole thing gave that hen a superiority complex so obnoxious that right now none of the other birds can stand her or her specialness.

Handing my beloved a knife in the the woods.

Tigger happily destroys the ambiance of horror…again. 
Making sure she’s in the frame.

The shot.
Examining her handiwork.
Happy Halloween.

Please: Ignore the Chickens

It is best to ignore our ridiculous chickens as the more attention they’re given the more demanding they become. Collecting eggs yesterday morning was a unnecessarily raucous affair. It was a beautiful fall morning, although geese in V formation always make me feel meloncholy.